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to design week Architects and Designers
Free admission for registered guests.


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To design week Architects and Designers Free admission for registered guests.


Architects and Interior Designers

Israel's design week promoting creativity, innovation and knowledge.
Enriching day for practitioners with all
 latest trends and innovations.

Panels, presentations and enriching lectures shall be conducted by the chairmen   of the event – most successful interior designers and architects in  Israel. Exposure to new products, techniques and technologies
 in the design exhibition – the main event of the week.


Design On the bar – design sessions over a cup of beer with the Israeli leading architects.

Design evening on the bar, is a new concept which announces the Israel's design week overture for the professional audience of interior designers and architects.

Dozens of leading bars in Tel Aviv, shall host a lecture by a couple of the event's chairmen in which they will share their concepts, inspirations and ideas which leads them in their professional work. This is a unique evening and an unmissable opportunity to discuss design trends, share insights and conduct a productive dialogue with the members of the chairmen board in a free atmosphere on the bar!
The lectures duration is about 2 hours, the participating bars shall be equipped with suitable presenting equipment.


Design exhibition opening - for practitioners only.
Exclusive opening hours for architects and interior designers. 

The trade show will host over 120 leading Israeli companies which will exhibit on design, home styling and construction innovative products techniques and technologies.

The audience is invited for a festive toast in the venue's piazza.



Israel design week convention, 2017. 

On the agenda, inspiring and enriching lectures, presentations and open panels offering new prospectives, innovations and professional knowledge, held by the members of the chairmen board and other speakers. 



The Israel design week attracts over 4,000 interior designers and architects out of 7,000 active practitioners in those fields in Israel*.
* Based on the data from the Israeli building center research division. 

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