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Israel's design week.

The event that puts Tel-Aviv in par with all the major design capitals of the world.
Architects, interior designers?  Building or renovating your home?
Make sure to take part in the most important and unmissable
design event of the year!


The Israeli Building Center, conducts a reputable variety of trade shows, fairs, conventions and exhibitions in the fields of Real estate, construction and design, for over 11 years.

For the first time in Israel, coming this February 16-20: Israel's design week festival. 


Exclusive styling and design celebrations.

Israel's design exhibition, staged by over 120 prominent companies across the design and construction spectrum shall be the center of the design week agenda.
Starting this year, the design week shall be extended to a range of unique venues throughout the Tel Aviv metropolitan area for a festival of exclusive styling and design celebrations designated to design fans, home innovators and builders and to the attending practitioners.


Be inspired!
Learn and get inspired by the chairmen of the event – 26 prominent Israeli architects and interior designers.

The audience is invited to attend enriching lectures and panels held by the elected chairmen of Israel's design week.


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