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Design Nation

The Israeli Building Center has launched a move during Israel’s design week event, 2016.
This initiative came to position Israel as a Design Nation and the city of Tel-Aviv as one of the prominent design capitals worldwide.





During the past 5 years, dozens of Israeli architects and designers has made a worldwide breakthrough which left their mark via planed and designed residential buildings, shopping centers, hotels, restaurants, bars, luxury houses and offices in preferred locations.
This phenomenon is expanding rapidly and includes most of the lading architectural firms in Israel.
The demand for Israeli designers is outgrowing worldwide, as demonstrated by a comprehensive research recently concluded by the Israeli Building Center, which points out the extent of this expanding trend. Evidently the Israeli designer’s expertise become a rising export segment and we, at the Israeli Building Center, truly believe that a global branding and a proper positioning of the Israeli design sector, shall extend the demand for the prominent Israeli architects and designer’s services.


How did Israel become a Design Nation?

1. The Jewish culture has always nourished and awarded values such as: innovation, creativeness, excellence, curiosity and thinking out of the box. Those values became even more dominant in the Israeli cultural climate, and as an evidence, Jews and Israelis are currently dominating every field involving creativity or has to do with innovation and excellence such as Hi-Tech, Cyber, science, pharmaceuticals, security and even in developing new TV shows formats.
It is only natural that those outcomes will be expressed in the creative world of architecture and design, by the Israeli designers which brings along with them a special flavor comprised of innovation, curiosity and uniqueness.

2. Israel has become a multi-cultural country and a creative melting pot expresses the origins of its citizens, it is noticeable in the various fields of creation: music, culinary, cinema and of course, architecture and design.

3. The vast variety of products and materials made in Israel as well as imported from off shore countries, has turned Israel into a large “design materials library”.
Global experts, visiting Israel, points out the abundance and the endless variety of products and materials at hand for the designers.
Israel has become a global hub and a resource center for products and technologies both locally produced and imported, to fulfil the creative renovation demands of the Israeli designers and architects, on the one hand as well as the Israeli consumers’ constant expectation for exclusive design products, on the other.

4. The Israeli educational institutions hold a teaching pluralism approach which encourage uniqueness, innovation and out of the box thinking among the student designers.


Design Nation – Promoting the Israeli Design
The Hi-Tech and startup industries have always existed, but not before key players from the Hi-Tech industry together with the Israeli government launched a global campaign, which recorded Israel in the global consciousness as a Startup Nation.
This move led to the establishment of R&D centers of majeure global companies in Israel, involving investments of billions of dollars in the local industry.
The Design segment is yet different, but nonetheless, the initiative herein described, shall bring the unique and stellar Israeli design talent to global recognition and to it’s proper, well earned, positioning.

Towards Israel’s design week, we shall invite editors, writers and bloggers of the world’s leading design magazines to Israel. In the coming years, we plan to invite worldwide leading entrepreneurs to visit projects designed in Israel and meet the local design talents. These are all initial steps aiming to establish the brand: “Israel Design Nation”.



Israel’s design week, initiated by the Israeli Building Center, has strategically joined to the city of Tel-Aviv, that should become one of the world’s design capitals: TLV Design City.

I hereby urge all of those who can contribute to this significant strategic move, to join us.
We have started a fascinating, long journey which aims to place the groundbreaking Israeli design in it’s appropriate rightful position. Such successful move shall create unprecedented income for the leading designers, for the Israeli design industry, as well as for the importers and all design related parties.



Kind regards,
Eran Rolls, Chairman.
Israeli Building Center & Israel’s design week.

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