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Iftah Hayner

Neuman Hayner Architects

Sharon, Iftah, and the studio team have a lot of experience in designing projects of varying scales including civic, corporate, and apartment buildings, hotels, private residences, offices, restaurants, commercial centers, and preservation projects.

Our design process is built on an open and constructive dialogue with the developers, advisors, and the studio team, while maintaining financial frameworks and goals as an integral part of the process. This is accompanied by the continuous use of advanced 3D imaging software.

We believe in the possibility and necessity of combining the individual and public interests in our projects, and work out of desire to create contextual, original, light, and clear architecture, that expresses the joy of creation, high environmental awareness, and human love.

Iftah Hayner (Associate) – Architect, graduated the Technion with honors in 2007, acquiring his B.Arch. Began his work at Yoav Messer Architects after graduating, and quickly rose to become the Senior Architect to his co-workers and his junior partner architect Amit.
Through his work, Iftah gained experience in designing, and leading projects of varying scales, including educational institutes, civic buildings, hotels, saturated constructions, and offices.

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