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Anat Bar

Anat Bar – Architecture and Interior Design

Anat Bar, a graduate of the Technion University, is an architect specializing in the design of luxury apartments and homes for both residents and non-residents in Israel. Over the past three decades, her firm has worked on some of the most sought after projects in Israel – Akirov Towers, Frishman Tower, various towers in the Yoo complex, Beeri Tower, HaShoftim Tower, Mamilla, Beit Lessin Tower, and many others. Notable among these projects is Shari Arison’s triplex.
While working with private clients, an emphasis is placed on the process of creating a synthesis between the individual customer’s needs, character and preferences with Anat’s unique architectural approach. The goal is to create harmony and energy flow while achieving balance through combinations of colors and materials, trendy and classic, with simple clean lines and uncompromising quality.
Anat believes that the final outcome of the synthesis process should be like a healing potion that is clear and refined, from trees with a healthy energetic frequency, blocking out background noise, and providing a fulfilling quality of life in all of its being and glory, perfectly reflecting the architectural environment.
As such, Anat’s firm specializes in working with developers, building architects and real estate professionals to enhance the properties being sold, highlighting their prestige both in terms of planning and use of materials. To ensure that the prospective buyer gets exactly what they want, Anat provides one-on-one guidance throughout the process so that she can quickly make any necessary adjustments in the planning to meet the client’s needs and design their dream home. Most recently, Anat designed the bulk of the apartments in Beit Lessin Tower, a unique boutique residential project, located step from Kikar HaMedina, and considered to be one of the most prestigious projects in Tel Aviv, today.

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