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Dana Oberson

Dana Oberson Architects

Dana Oberson, Established Dana Oberson Architects in 2002 after having previously been Co-Architect at Saadia Mandel Architecture Studio. Dana specializes in planning and designing private houses, luxury residences, urban planning, commercial public spaces, hotels and resorts in Israel and world wide.

Born in Israel to an Italian sourced family in which design has always been a major part of everyday life. Daughter of 2014 life achievement award in design winner, the leading fashion designer, Gideon Oberson.

Dana started as a graphic design student at Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem. As the idea of creating art within a three dimensional space began fascinating her, she moved on to the Department of Architecture where she graduated in 1995.

Dana’s inspiration derives from Mediterranean locality combined with a modern and up to date understanding of contemporary design. Dana’s eclectic and holistic approach to architecture and design result in rich, unique spaces. Her interest lies in the interface between material and space. Clean lines, use of various unexpected materials, complex architectural details and hand picked items for the interior décor.


Dana studied architecture at Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem where she graduated in 1995. That same year Dana continued her architecture and design studies at “E’cole D’architecture la Vilette” in Paris.


In 1996 Dana joined the Department of Architecture, Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design as a lecturer. In 2010 Dana became a lecturer at the David Azrieli School of Architecture, Tel Aviv University. Since 2002 Dana leads her own studio teaching Basic Design tools at the Ariel University, School of Architecture. Till this day she is a senior lecturer at various architectural studios including final project studio at Ariel University.

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