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Gad Halperin

Studio Gad Halperin Interior & Architectural Design Ltd

Ever since Studio Gad Halperin was established in 1986, we’ve characterized our main field of work, as a planning and interior design studio. The studio specializes mainly in commercial projects ranging from recreation spaces, public buildings, and store chains to restaurants, bars and hotels worldwide.

Gad Halperin, graduate of the “Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design” in Jerusalem, as well as “Pratt Institute” in New York, founded his Studio over 30 years ago, and his objective was clear from the start: “I think the secret lies in scale and proportionality: the balance between the material, void versus mass, the space that surrounds us and the way its lit. The light is very significant. I feel as though the light is the structure’s inspiration, much like a soul to a body. That inspiration is what provides space its meaning.

With the right hue and intensity, the light itself has an effect in creating a link between an individual and the space being explored, and whether or not that individual would want to return to the space.”

Every project begins with research, leading to the design concept with the cooperation of the client. Along with architectural planning, design with the target market in mind, and creating the project’s unique design language, we manage to define our office’s purpose and everyday design work.

Places people want to return to, are loved spaces, and that is the goal we aspire to achieve.

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