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Gat Namir Hoter-Ishay

Gat Namir Hoter Ishay, Interior Architecture

Gat Namir Hoter-Ishay
For the last 15 years, Gat Namir Hoter-Ishay is an interior architecture designer, who specializes in residential and commercial projects in Israel and abroad, including private houses, apartments, offices, clinics and shops.

Furthermore, as a licensed real-estate broker
Gat specializes in increasing property values.

Gat believes in fantasy realization,
therefore, she’s committed to provide an Individual design,
in accordance to the highest professional standards.

Each project is a direct result of intellectual fusion
that creates unique and beautiful spaces
which reflect the customer’s individuality.

Gat also participated in T.V programs such as
‘Extreme makeover Israel’ and ‘Real Estate Secrets’.

In addition, Gat is a contemporary artist.
Her artwork on canvas has been displayed at exhibitions.

Gat studied interior design at ULTIMA school of design –
The Israeli Building Center.

Visit Gat Namir Hoter Ishay, Interior Architecturehttps website 

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