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Hila Israelevitz

Israelevitz Architects

Dan and Hila Israelevitz, owners of Israelevitz Architects, change the concept of dwelling in Israel

The Israeli architecture has been developed immensely during the last decades. Attention to every detail and the structured connection between the external structure and the interior spaces turned the living experience and lifestyle in many projects into a perfect one.
Hila and Dan Israelevitz, owners of Israelevitz Architects, are among the leaders of this trend in Israel, and are well known in Israel and abroad due to the design of revolutionary projects, in which creativity and careful thinking about every detail are evident. In their doctrine they create a unique combination of ergonomic functionality and meticulous aesthetics. Each one of their projects starts with a dialog based on an in-depth examination and understanding of their clients’ requirements and desires, analysis of the terrain and the organic environment, as well as the discovery of ideal solutions for the integration of the external and internal spaces in the optimal way.

Dan and Hila established the firm in 1998. Their unique working method enables optimal management of every aspect of their projects throughout their various stages. While the conventional working method in most firms comprises the appointment of team leaders who are in charge of the planning and design throughout the project’s stages, Dan and Hila implemented a transverse structure: they are responsible for planning and design throughout the entire process, while the professional team, including experts in the various construction and design contents, accompanies each and every stage and uses its skills to cover all aspects of the project.

Nowadays, when modern planning is complex and influenced by technological, structural and bureaucratic elements, Israelevitz Architects offers its clients, as part of its facilities, the services of a team of top quality experts, who are responsible for the issuance of construction permits in a professional and efficient manner – a crucial element in the success of the project.

Hila Danai Israelevitz – Hila’s curiosity and research instincts, as well as her humane and technical traits, which became evident from a young age, led her to make architecture her profession. Her numerous travels around the world have been exposing her from a very young age to different cultures, styles and architectural themes from around the globe. These are the main sources of inspiration in her projects, which are seen by many as one-of-a-kind creations.
Hila is well known for her ability to analyze complex situations and solve technical, planning and design constraints emerging in the different stages of the projects, in an optimal manner. In her designs she precisely interweaves material and configurational elements, creating splendid architectural spaces, where conceptual and practical thinking, as well as paying attention to every detail, are evident.

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