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Michi Setter

Setter Architects

Michael (Michi) Setter
Architect Michael Setter is a 1977 graduate of the department of Architecture and City Planning from the TEKNION INSTITUTE. Subsequent the completion of his studies, he worked at the office of Ram Carmi for a period of 5 years. Following the employment at Carmi’s office, Michael opened his own practice- Setter Architects Ltd.
Michael (Michi) and his wife, Ora reside in Tel-Aviv and are parents and grandparents to four children as well as four grandchildren.
Michael enjoys extreme sports such as Skiing several times a year, parachute gliding, Paddle boarding, wind surfing in addition to walking, running and swimming every morning early at the beach.
In addition to his many interests, Michael revels in Buddhism.
Setter Architects Ltd. Specializes mainly in the design of financial, legal and high-tech offices such as: Google TLV, Google Haifa, Facebook, Cisco, Autodesk, Motorola, Law offices, Israeli embassy’s around the world and many more.
Setter Architects Ltd. has won many awards, domestic and international:
1. “Ot-Haitzuv” 2015
2. A’DESIGN AWARD- Como, Italy 2015
3. European Property Awards- London 2015
4. Shaw Contract Group- Chicago, USA 2014

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