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Amit Galor

Architecture & Interior Design Amit Galor

Amit Galor – The Studio

The studio, which was rebuilt on the relics of an old shack in our backyard, and designed to answer my needs, started to function 15 years ago without an actual pre-planning. One project led to another, a customer followed a previous one and I was carried out to the creation of “houses to cherish” and to fulfil my endless creation craving.

I have never formally studied architecture in a known institute, but yet, the studio is providing a full scope of architectural services for 15 years now.

Fulfilment of a design passion, led me to my studio.

Ever since I can remember, I’ve lived and bread – design. I was drawn to esthetics back as a girl at my parents’ home and used to visit flea markets, galleries and art exhibitions absorbing and swallowing every piece and angle of impression and inspiration that was in front of my eyes.

As the years passed, I have graduated with merit, a bachelor’s degree in real estate assessment and management, at the Tel-Aviv University.
My internship at Aloni – Spector, one of the prominent real estate assessment firms, has deepened my knowledge in interpretation and implementation of city construction plans, while maximizing Building to Land Ratio.

About 2 years later, I gave birth to my eldest tween girls, and out of my passion for designing and as an opportunity to self-enrichment, I have signed in for an Interior design and architecture course at ORT college.

Soon after I have graduatede, our family have acquired a private building allotment while it was clear that I would be the planner and the designer of our future home.

A daring moment that drives us to our natural place…

I have designed a conceptual sketch and in a daring moment approached a reputable architect and shared my plan with him. From that point onwards, all the process went on smoothly, the plans got a green light from the authorities and soon enough, I was supervising and accompanying the building process of our new home, as the architect in charge.

I have learned in practice how ceiling, floor, piles concrete pouring are being done as well as how plaster and finishing works are being applied and so on, till the building process was accomplished.

Our neighbors approached me and offered me the right to build their new home, after which one project has led to another, while I carefully choose the projects I am involved in as those who goes along with my personal taste and professional principles.

As a result, I am running a unique boutique studio who provides over all services, from the first sketch, through facilitating construction permit, supervision on construction, till the last tile and the cup of coffee in your new kitchen… The sky is the limit!

The studio is committed to provide a personal service, and act as a one stop shop for all architectural and interior design services, therefor the team and I only manage 10 projects simultaneously.

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