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Ron Rozen

Linenberg Rozen Architects

Ron Rozen, architect
Graduated with honors the Bezalel Academy of Architecture, Jerusalem, opened the office in 1993.

About Linenberg Rozen Architects
The basis for any successful project is the unique connection between you and the architect – two worlds apart that converge for a period of time to collaborate in a creative endeavor.

You bring your dreams and memories of all the places that touched your lives and we, in our imagination, can see how the plot, the wind direction and angle of the sun can build walls to encompass your dreams. From one meeting to another the picture clears while your needs and budget are brought to the table to accomplish a balance which will ensure our goal.

Every project is the result of the connection between you and us, us and you.

Principles of architectural design:

  1. On-going dialogue between the client and the design team.
  2. Relation and accord to the location.
  3. Merger between the building and its surrounding.
  4. Use of local materials.
  5. Climatic design.
  6. Practical design according to a defined budget.

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